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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Writer's Nudge

For the week of 25 March 2012
Choose one of the figures in this painting, and write about him or her. You might want to consider what this person is doing in this place. What is the situation. What is the person saying? How do the others respond to this person. What is the general atmosphere in the room, the mood of the people? Describe all of this from the point of view (POV) of the character you chose.

I would love to see what you write. If you're willing to share it with readers of this blog, click on "Comments" and paste your writing. 


Anonymous said...

This is about the character in the back door-way in the picture for the Writer's Nudge. You might not see her; she is very hard to see. This is my quick story about her. She will be telling the story.

Hello, my name is Sarah Miles. I am working for Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. At the moment, they have company over, Mr. and Mrs. Luke. I have a daughter named Anna. She is my little helper. I was taken away from my family in Germany when I was 13 years old and was sold as a slave. I am now working for the Bennet's in London,England. I am a free woman now, but I have nowhere else to go, so I stay here. I do most of the work since there is only one more servant here named Lili. My husband died about seven years ago, a year after Anna was born. For this meal I have prepared cinnamon chicken, potato stew, vegetable salad, and, for dessert, cherry cobbler, chocolate dipped strawberries,and blackberry pie. Mrs. Bennet needs me now. Good-bye!

Jordyn F.

Sharon Kirk Clifton said...

I see her--faintly, but I do see her. You've written an interesting back-story for her.

The artist of this painting is Gabriel Metzu. I like his work because the pictures are IN MEDIAS RES (in the middle of things). Something is happening. People are interacting with one another. These things make the pictures interesting to write about. I feel as though Metzu knew these people. Each one has a story.

Write on!
Because of Christ,
Miz Sharon