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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Writer's Nudge: View from the Kitchen Window

Looks peaceful, right? I'm sure you're old enough to know, as the old saying goes, looks can be deceiving. Something is about to happen outside this window. What? Why? Who will be involved? How does it end? Will it affect the people who live in the house? By the way, who lives here? If you're eight-through-fourteen years old, write on! Be sure to post your writing by clicking on  "Comments." I love to read your work, and others will, also.

Write on!
Because of Jesus,
Miz Sharon


Anonymous said...

Ellen Hoth, a lonely old women who sat quietly
knitting at her kitchen table had no idea that her
Lonely, quiet, slow paced life was about to chang
Within a matter of seconds. She had never been
married,never had any siblings, she never new her
Father, and her mother died when she was twenty.
Leaving her alone in a big world. Ellen looked out
The window over the kitchen sink. Her view was
Limited but she could see the old dead bush and
Snow covored ground. It was a lazy afternoon as
usual and she went back to knitting until she heard
A loud truck go by on a hurry, when it passed by
The front of her house she herd a small crash
Sound as if a wooden box had fallen off a shelf and
Broke against the ground. Ellen rushed out to see
to see what the commotion had been. Next to the
road she saw an old picnic basket broken open and
She sighed,"the nerve some people have to go
Dumpe'n their trash everywhere." She said to herself.
She went to clean it up when to her suprise she
Heard something like a squeek come from it. She
Looked inside and saw a pair of small round blue
Looking back at her. The small creature cowarded
Away when she reached into catch it but when she
Held the small thing close it cuddled up to her and
Purred. She named the kitten Charm and she was nolonger lonely. The kitten became much like a
human to her and she loved it dearly.
The end. :)

Sharon Kirk Clifton said...

Thank you for your story, Anonymous. You've done a good job of developing the setting and the characterization of the old woman. I could picture the scene as you described. You captured her frustration at seeing what she assumed to be trash dumped on her lawn, and the conclusion is very satisfying--to the old woman and the reader.

I hope you'll visit Quirky Quill often and submit comments. :-) Next time, would you mind signing your work with just a first name or initials, please. That way you retain your anonymity, but I can know when you return. Does that make sense?

Write on!
Because of Jesus,
Miz Sharon

Sharon Kirk Clifton said...

This is the kitchen window of the Martin's home. They are a Christian family that are concealing a family of Jews in their home during World War II. It is the last year of the war. The mother, Mrs. Martin is washing dishes at the front sink. The front of her apron had water all over it,Her four little children were playing with the Frank children upstairs. She looks out the window to see five Nazi soldiers walking up the path towards the house. She drops the plate in the soapy water and hurries upstairs. “ Hurry! Get into the hiding place!” she says. The Martin children run downstairs and the Frank family rush to the back door. They open it and run quietly and swiftly to the barn. Mr. Martin was milking to cows out there. He catches on to what they were doing. They lift up a trap door on the floor and hop inside a small hole just big enough for them to fit in. Mr. Martin covers it with straw and continues to milk the cows, so he will not be drawing attention to the family. The Frank family waited for a long while. They did not move, talk and they scarcely breathed. The parents held their children close. Even the small three year old Margret appeared to understand, for she was also very still. In the house, there was a knock on the door. Mrs. Martin opened the door and the soldiers barged in “ We hear that you are hiding a family of Jews,” said one. “ You can search the house, but I assure you there are not Jews here. Just my household,” she replied. The soldiers set to work lifting furniture and opening cabinets, trying to find a hiding place. They went out to the barn and saw Mr. Martin milking. He looked up and with a smile he said, “ Hello! Can I assist you?” He told them that they wouldn't find any Jews in the barn but they could look. The Frank family heard the loud thumping of their boots as they left the barn. About 30 minutes later, they were told to come out. Mrs. Martin gave Mrs. Frank a huge hug. They were both crying happily that they had not been found.

Sharon Kirk Clifton said...

Wow, Jordyn! I was holding my breath as I read this. Good job at building suspense. It reminds me of a true account I include in my storytelling program, "Abigail Gray: Living Under the Drinking Gourd." If you ask, I'll tell it to you when we meet at the creative writing workshop. See you SOON!

Write on!

Because of Jesus,
Miz Sharon