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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Writer's Nudge

Write about this picture and submit it to the "Comments" section of this blog post.

You may choose to write a short, short story (no more than 600 words), letting this painting illustrate your tale. Remember, a story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It also has a problem of some kind that the main character must solve.

Perhaps you'd prefer to write about the picture without structuring it like a story. That's fine, too. Who might the girls be? What is the book they're reading? How does each one feel about what she's reading? What happened before they began reading the book? What will happen when they stop? There are no right or wrong responses. Use your imagination.

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Write on!
Because of Jesus,
Miz Sharon


Anonymous said...

Dear Miz Sharon,

My nom de plume or pen name is Arfarazon. I’m 12 years old And I am in the throes of writing a book at the moment. It's based off of your Writer's Nudge. In it there is a girl named Elanor Myar (and yes I said Myar not Myer)as well as one named Rose Fonduran. They both live in England These two girls find a magic journal that makes things you write in it come true. But it has an unwholesome influence on the mind. I’ll send you a copy soon. Your brother in Christ,


Sharon Kirk Clifton said...

Hello, Arfarazon!

It's great to hear from you and to hear that you're also a writer. I will look forward to reading your story.

When you send it, please send it as an attachment to your email. Double space the text, also. That makes it easier to read.

Write on!
Because of Christ,
Miz Sharon

Anonymous said...

This is Sarah Martin and Annie Brown. They are waiting for school to begin. They are always the first two girls to come to school. Annie pulls out her Bible and begins to read. Sarah is not a Christian and has no Christian relatives. She knows nothing about God. Sarah’s curiosity is noticed my Annie. Annie invites her over to sit with her. She comes over cautiously and sits down. Annie begins to read the Holy Bible out loud to her friend. Sarah, rests her arms on Annie's shoulder as she continues to read. They hear the school bell ring.
Annie closes her Bible and sets in in her desk. All the children who were playing out doors came filling in. Sarah asks Mrs. Cole if she may sit by Annie. She agrees and Sarah walks back to her new seat. She sat down and she smiled at Annie. The two girls giggled and classes started.
When class was dismissed everyone put on their coats or shawls, hats or bonnets and came pouring out of the school house. Some older boys ran down the dirt path, while some girls lagged behind talking or gossiping. Annie walked with Sarah, sharing some cookies with her that she saved from her lunch. Sarah’s family was very poor, so she didn’t get food everyday and didn’t have any lunch to take to school. She got her food from Annie or an apple tree by their home.
Annie said goodbye as she turned right to her home. Sarah continued down the path and she thought on what Sarah had read this morning. She clutched Annie’s Bible close. Annie had lent her the Bible. She pulled her tattered shawl around her as the cold November wind whipped her little body. She began to run to warm herself up.
She ran all the way to her home. She opened the door to the cold, dark house. She shut it and put her books on the table. She went to the crib of her baby brother and gave him one more quilt. She went into her sick mother’s room. She told her that she had something wonderful to share with her. She began to read aloud and he mother listened intently.
She began to fix a small dinner out of bread and three apples that she had gotten from the tree. She carried it into her mother and fed it to her. She also have it to her brother in little bites. She prayed beside her mother’s bed for her to get well.
The next day, her mothers face had color in it and she wanted to get out of bed. She talked and talked. She wanted to attend church next Sunday. Sarah was so happy. She was happy that she had a friend like Annie.